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RAGGED RECOVERY is about learning to show up for life:  to feel pain without numbing it with Krispy Kremes. To experience boredom without downing Doritos. To embrace anxiety without cruising the kitchen.  To dance at celebrations without diving into the cake.


RAGGED RECOVERY is also about my quest for sustained serenity. I find it, I lose it. I find it again.


A huge piece of the finding part is the releasing part: my beloved daughters, my mother and brothers, a former husband, my friends, and the guy in my life.  Also Republicans, Democrats, and the Robber Barons of Wall Street.  They are all managing to limp and/or stride through life without my extraordinary guidance and insight.  It’s both a shock and a complete relief.


Life without food frenzies or the high of feeding on other people’s dramas can sometimes feel like a meal of nothing but Brussels sprouts. But in between the Brussels sprout courses?  Life is more delicious than I could have ever imagined.  RAGGED RECOVERY is my take on being wide awake, nerves buzzing with angst or waving in wonder.

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